Waterloopbos BV is a private company which focuses on international research into the relationship between virtualization and gamification: to create a better reality!

Why this typical Dutch company name for such an international context? Waterloopbos is named after the Waterloopkundig Laboratorium. In the 50's and 60's of the last century research in this Laboratory for waterrisks, was based on simulated reality. Scientists studied the design of the Delta Works, but also the ports of Rotterdam, Bangkok, etc. Actually this way of research was a precursor of virtualization: the laboratory became redundant as a result of the use of computers.

The researchers in the Waterloopbos did their research with water, dams, dikes and wavemachines. Every day they tried to reach a higher level in watersafety wich gave them the (psychological) flow and positive feeling as we experience nowadays by playing computergames: the core of gamification.

In addition to these activities Waterloopbos BV is involved in studying, creating, starting and investing in related innovative initiatives in multiple industries such as gaming, retail, crisismanagement and government.